MixMedia is an interactive agency committed to helping China's leading companies to better understand the ever changing needs of the consumer. By implementing our research, design and monitoring solutions we create an enhanced interactive experience that brings your customers closer to you.

MixMedia Production Limited ("MixMedia"), formerly known as Push Design Limited, was formed in Hong Kong in 1996, during the pioneering days of the internet. We quickly gained a reputation for producing high quality websites with innovative designs. Since our inception we have worked with major names across all of Hong Kong's industry sectors, including banking, airlines, retail and hotel and leisure, delivering over 200 complete tailor-made Internet solutions.

MixMedia's experience and expertise is recognized by industry leaders such as Yahoo!, who have honored us with the title of Officially Appointed Design Studio to non-exclusively serve their clients. The Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) has also recognized our cutting edge marketing solutions and designs, and has also honored us as officially appointed design studio.