Yao Energy
Official Site

Responsive website design and development,
programming and cms for yaoenergy.com

Yao Energy Drink
The official website in responsive design and development, HTML5/JS coding, CMS development, social media function integration

The Brief
With unlimited energy and power, manifesto from YAO is going to electrify everyone’s magnetic field and give them direction physically and emotionally.

The Solution
A full screen story-telling presentation was designed to show Yao’s story, core value, ingredients, latest news and other related information. By using the latest HTML5 and JS technology, MixMedia’s full screen animation is compatible with all modern browsers and as well is search engines-friendly. The site is fully integrated with popular social media in order to leverage the power of social media marketing, audiences could share any site content with friends easily.

Website / Responsive Design / Online Shop / Design and Development / Strategy

Responsive site design and development
Responsive site design for Yao